Platinum Seed provides innovators with a complete ecosystem, from project evaluation to building a business, financing a business, providing organisational and business support, to exiting the investment, while providing investors with an investment portfolio with guaranteed project support, which increases the chance of success with an above-average return.

To ensure the successful commercialisation of projects, we join forces with experienced business practitioners from Poland and Europe, as well as angel investor networks and funds operating in the area of early stage financing. The main focus of Platinum Seed is projects in the area of ICT (Information, Communication, Technology), content provision and management, e-commerce, applications, and ICT projects for the healthcare industry, with special emphasis on senior care applications.

Platinum Seed is part of the European Business Angels Network, as well as being the beneficiary of a grant under Measure 3.1 “Initiating innovative activities” of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme.

Platinum Seed functions as a bridge between innovators and investors. We work with both these groups.

Innovators: we are part of a network helping innovators turn their ideas into successful businesses. Do you have an idea for a great business but lack the knowledge, experience, resources and contacts to make it happen? Contact us by completing the form.

Investors: we work with angel investors from Poland and Europe, seed funds and venture capitalists. We co-finance the undertakings in our portfolio. We support the companies in our portfolio throughout their operations, until such time as exiting the project. The typical time frame of our projects is two to three years. Our exit is undertaken by way of selling shares to industry investors or private equity/venture capital funds. To work with us, please contact us here.