eDream Data sp. z o.o.

23 June 2015 | 35% shares

Description: The main aim of the project is to create and implement software for a database which will analyse the data collected into particular customer profiles (leads). The final information on the potential customer will contain socio-demographic and geolocation data as well as data on their intentions to purchase, contact with brands, behaviour on the Web and other life-style info. The inventors of the project use artificial intelligence and special algorithms in the ‘eDreams’ system in order to build predictive models and ‘nurture’ the leads. The target customers for that product are large and medium-sized businesses which search for good quality leads e.g. banks, finance & security companies, media, telecom, e-commerce, medical care, travel agencies, airlines, etc. There is no such complex data mining service on the market at this point in time.