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The main objectives of the project. What share of the market we want to achieve, when we want to break even, etc.Business objectives

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Description of the product, which addresses the needs of the product and how, trends, potential product development, product advantage over the competitionProduct/s

Target market - the characteristics of the client, its affluence, propensity to purchase our products / services, market size, distribution networkCustomer

Characteristics of competition - who are the key competitors that have the products, where they operateCompetition

Brief description of the product development process, suppliers, subcontractors, riskTechnology

Description of key members of the team, experience in similar industries, projectsTeam

Sources of income, the initial forecast revenue during the five years, broken down by products / servicesProspective revenue

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Costs associated with the development of the project and the necessary investmentThe initial cost of the project

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The financial needs of the project period of 5 years, along with descriptions on this on what measures will be used.Financial needs

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